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Free Cash Book Application for Small Businesses

On the 7th of September, 2012, I got an email from a Computer Science/Mathematics undergraduate of O.A.U.,Nigeria (Obafemi Awolowo University) asking to come and do his industrial training with Think First Technologies limited. The email was followed up with a call then I asked the guy to forward his CV to my personal email. Here is how the journey to this beautiful application started.

The objective on his CV struck a cord in me and made me to be curious about reading more about his ability. After reading through the detailed CV (precisely 3 pages) I got excited and interested to welcome him to the Think First Team. Then I called him over for a talk. I won't forget a statement I made on the day we met, I said "I won't like to change your line of development. I would like you to do better with JAVA".

He started work then I discussed keeping our imprest records in the office with him. As at then, we were using those ledger (big books) bought from the bookshop. Yes, we don't run an accounting firm but all what we wanted was to find a way of keeping our records but not with all the numerous complex accounting software everywhere nowadays but with something very simple.

We brought in the expertise of other design gurus in Think First Technologies Ltd., the likes of Adedayo Moshood and Tobi Akanni. They gave the application a fantastic look that made it look far beyond what I had always expected from JAVA UI. Later, I gave my technical inputs on how to save records and what and what that I want to see in the application. Then all these efforts have finally transformed to the development of the application of the millennium.

Before we decided to make the application open and free for Small businesses, we decided to use it ourselves so we can see how it manages real life scenario. Now, we are done with our test and this is our only Cash Book application in the company till now. Our needs have outgrown it but we still use it because it is for us and made by us.

Join me as I introduce the dude behind this fantastic application, Emmanuel Essien-nta.

To download the application, click here. To contribute to our source code or help with documentations, you can find the project on GitHub here.

The default admin logon details are as follows:

Username: admin
Password: admin

This is our token to the world and the Open Source Community.


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