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Installing Microsoft Dynamics 2011 CRM SDK for Visual Studio 2013

I was about developing my first Microsoft Dynamics CRM plugin when I ran into the problem of installing the CRM Developer's Toolkit 2011 for my Visual Studio 2013. It is funny there is no SDK installer for Visual Studio 2013 now, as the CRM SDK provided on Microsoft website is for Visual Studio 2011 and 2012. The only option is a work around and below is how I achieved it.

Step 1. Extracting the contents of CrmDeveloperToolsVS12_Installer.msi
I assume you have downloaded the SDK from Microsoft offical webiste. Double click on the .exe file you downloaded to install, you would be prompted to specify the directory you want to extract the it into.

1. Open your Command prompt (CMD) as Administrator and use the CD command to navigate to the SDK\Tools\DeveloperToolkit directory in the SDK extracted folder.

2. Run: msiexec /a  CrmDeveloperToolsVS12_Installer.msi /qb TARGETDIR=<EXTRACTFOLDER>, the <EXTRACTFOLDER> should represent the folder you want the .msi folder to be extracted to. For convenience I created a folder named soft in this directory (SDK\Tools\DeveloperToolkit) and replaced the path for the <EXTRACTFOLDER>.

Step 2. Modifying the Microsoft.CrmDeveloperTools.VSIX Package
It would be helpful to download 7-Zip if you don't already have it or if you have any other good extraction tools.

1. Go to the Visual Studio folder inside the directory you extracted the CrmDeveloperToolsVS12_Installer.msi file.

2. Open the Microsoft.CrmDeveloperTools.vsix Archive file (with 7-Zip or your extraction tool).

3. Edit the extension.vsixmanifest file by replacing replace InstalledByMsi="true" with InstalledByMsi="false" and all instances of Version="[11.0,12.0)" with Version="[11.0,12.0]"   (note the closing bracket)

4. Update the archive

Step 3. Installing the CRM package
Double click to install the Microsoft.CrmDeveloperTools.vsix and follow installation process through.

Yeah, we are done. Open your Visual Studio and you would find your Dynamics CRM in your Templates menu list.

Hope this helps someone.

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