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Top 5 Questions on Nigeria Payment Gateway I have received and my Answers

I received questions about payment gateways in Nigeria almost every week and I have decided to put together, top 5 of those questions. It will interest you what these questions are and what functionalities people are looking for. I think we are not doing so much with our software products in Nigeria because we lack research and the knowledge of what people really want. Building payment gateways is not enough, building payment gateways for real people is the big deal. Please read on.

Question 1
Hi Akin,

Thank you for your prompt response, I really appreciate.

We are trying to develop an application that involves making and receiving payment but bulk of the money that will be paid to us or that we will pay out is not ours, we are only going to be charging a little fixed amount for the service rendered. 

The question now is; can we get a payment gateway that facilitates this online payment but will only charge their own commission on  the fees we charge and not the bulk money?

The application should be able to receive payment online and auto payout from  both our Nigerian and American Bank accounts.

Hope to hear from you soon 

I know of payment gateways allowing you to receive payments. All the platforms I know do not send out money automatically to bank accounts...the closest is KongaPay that sends money to KongaPay users account. You will need all your users to create an account on KongaPay though.

About commission, the gateways do not care where they are charging the commission from, you would be the one to know where to factor in their commission in your business model.

Please calm down about auto payout...I would suggest you make it semi manual. Evaluate your system very well before going automatic. This might be the best advice you get this year.

I have not heard of gateways best at international settlement for now. Using PayPal might be your best bet. I know PayStack has international affiliation but I have not heard of them doing international settlement for now. I will help you do more research. Some of these guys write more than they can actually achieve.

Question 2
Greetings sir, I have just loved all your write ups and analysis on the payment gateway systems in Nigeria. You really have inspired me.
I am about starting my own e-commerce websit. I am a wordpress front end expert but not into codes and programming, the only issue I have now is implementing payment on the e commerce site.
I have seen all payments gateways mentioned..Must I have CAC before i use them? I just want your help in learning how to implement these gateways.
Thank you sir.

You don't need CAC before using all of them. CashEnvoy would pay your money into any account you provide, so also some other few gateways. However, some would require you to have your business registered in order to pay into your Company's account.

It is all your choice. It is what works for you.

Question 3
Hello Mr Akinyele,

My name is Mayorlin. I came across your blog recently andI am really impressed with the articles you have been able to put together especially the one you talked about on top payment processors in Nigeria. I am interested in starting up a market place website for services. I am wondering if you can advise me on what payment platform will be best for me to go with. 

The website will have like payment wallet for all users where users can fund their wallet using credit cards and bank deposit and also send  money to each other from the website after service render. I am wondering, is there any payment processor in Nigeria offering an escrow service that can cater for this?. Or how do you advise I go about it?.

I hope to hear from you soon.


There is practically no payment gateway that does escrow in Nigeria. I guess you might have to build that into your system yourself.

What if you want to look more into the logic of your system. The whole topping up a wallet is fine. The paying for service with wallet is fine but I would suggest you (admin of the site) do the payout to people who request withdrawal so you don't get drenched in fraud related issues.

Question 4
Hi Akinyele,

How are you? My name is Samson, I came across your blog on payment gateways in Nigeria and frankly, I must say, you are the funniest techy I have ever come across online. Well done and please keep it up. Okay, so I need some advice, I need a payment gateway for a mobile App as well as website.

Transactions will be taking place between buyers and sellers and our company gets a % for each transaction; therefore, we need a payment gateway that will be able to take payments from buyer and release funds to the sellers after a 'job completion trigger' minus our %.

Based on your blog, I am swaying towards GTpay but what about Voguepay? I understand you are still watching them. what are your findings so far please? I want to be sure we have a bit more unbiased info before choosing.

Furthermore, what exactly do you do? Maybe you can provide us with some of your services. Please give us your phone number so we can give you a call.

Many thanks

Hi Boss,

There are few payment gateways with in-app payment SDK. I know of PayStack and KongaPay. I am not sure Interswitch has woken up to this.

GTPay is nice, but seriously, almost every message I get from people these days complains of their poor customer service. VoguePay is a good company too. I have taken time to study them, they are doing fine. I need to write my findings about them.

What I do? I blog, I write codes, anything I am not running after my son***. I also have a store I sell plugins for open source applications. I am always at your service for any of your technical needs. Please holla me. You can always reach me on 08068****17.

Question 5
Hi Akin, you are doing a great job here, God bless you. I am new to php and want to integrate a payment gateway solution for a client via woocommerce in WordPress. I don't even know what my first step should be. Please kindly give some insight? Thank you

Hi Bro,

Your first step is to go through my these my articles

Here are payment gateways documentations

Just so you know

Hope this helps you all the way to make a better choice.

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