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Another targeted scam mail

So, I am back and don't ask where I have been. Anyway, if you still want to ask...I have been experimenting on so many things.


Complete guide to integrate X-Debug into PhpStorm for XAMPP

This post is a continuation of the guide to installing X-Debug on MacOS X.


Complete guide to installing X-Debug on MacOS X

I have been surviving without X-Debug for a long time (I still don't know how I do it, so don't ask me how).


With Developer, On Developers. #1 – Nick Sagona

Early 2015, I was searching for a PHP framework that is light, modern in features and would easily install on a shared host without no out of the box support. You know what I mean? Light in weight, just extract to the server and see happiness.


[Solved] Uploading image via API in PHP

I was very busy working on a terrible bug that would not allow merchants filter their transactions while my colleague was hitting his head on the wall fixing image upload for an API that already works with our mobile apps.

I got distracted different times attempting to help him out but the persistent calls from our


Top 50 tricks of life that every one should follow everyday to make life easier?

I came across this life tricks on Quora and would like to document it and share with my friends. 


Interswitch WebPay Integration for Prestashop Cart

I got entraped in developing this module. I thought it won't take more than few hours but alas the whole day was gone developing it.


5 Fundamental Problems of Online Payment in Nigeria

If you ask me, I would say many are the afflictions of online payment in Nigeria...I have carefully been garnering my facts for this post after a heated conversation with some colleagues on two different occasions asking why the process of making online payment must be difficult in Nigeria.


[Solved] Call to a member function getModelInstance() on a non-object - Magento

I ran into this error after installing Magento with XAMPP on my MacPro.


Add AUTO-INCREMENT on column using Phinx migration library

We decided to have a migration library for our projects so Phinx was made the library of choice. Migration is a good practice most expecially when working in a team.


Solved: Cowardly refusing to 'sudo brew tap'; OS X El Capitan

I ran into this issue after upgrading my Mac OS to OS X El Capitan. I knew it was a permission issue but I don't even know what to touch or what permission I need to change to what.


Don't look for me on Whatsapp; I've ported to Telegram

I was wandering on the internet when I came across an article by  It’s titled, "


Project 2512 – A gift to a special follower of my blog on my birthday, 2015

My birthday is around the corner again. I am still in the spirit of celebrating it in a special way.


Learn how to solve Rubik's Cube in Pidgin English

Apart from seeing Will Smith solve Rubik's cube in the movie, "In pursuit of Happiness", I have always wished I own one. I recently visited Biyi and I saw the unsolved cube in his house. It struck my eyes and I couldn't just let go.


My Top 5 Payment Gateways in Nigeria 2015

After my last review, I have got so many feedback and compliments that I think more people would want to know my thought on how the payment gateways are doing in 2015.


Why there should be another Payment platform in Nigeria: KongaPay

I woke up in the early hours of Saturday with a call from my cousin asking me to help her buy a selfie stick on Konga. Trust me, it wasn't my cousin's call that woke me but the persistency of the call.


6 things you must not forget when integrating with GTPay

I had some interesting moment integrating GTBank payment gateway for a client recently. I wonder why so much have changed about the integration. It is funny you can't have a straight integration without escalating to GTBank support team; that is if you are lucky to talk to someone knowledgeable.


Nigerian Software Developers and Time Management

I have always wished I could air my thoughts on Nigerian software developers and how they manage their time. I don't want anyone to see this as an attack on anybody but as an expression of a software developer from Nigeria.


Top 10 Nigerian Programmers I have worked with

This is one of my most anticipated articles this year because I had always wanted to list the top Nigerian programmers I have worked with.


My Top 5 Payment Gateways in Nigeria 2014

To me, integrating payment platforms has been a fantastic experience and I would really say Nigeria has evolved in terms of payment convenience. There are so many payment platforms in Nigeria and I have worked with many of them (if not all).