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Typewriter Style for Website News

I am currently working on a client's website and he specifically asked for typewritter style for his important news. It really took me time to get something that worked because of several JQuery plugins I used for different javascript actions on the website but I finally got one working perfectly. Below is the javascript code. Place it in your HTML head tag.

var text="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.";
var delay=50;
var currentChar=1;
var destination="[not defined]";
function typewriter(){ 
  if (document.getElementById) {
         var dest=document.getElementById(destination);
      if (dest){
         dest.innerHTML=text.substr(0, currentChar);
 if (currentChar>text.length){
        setTimeout('typewriter()', 5000);
        setTimeout('typewriter()', delay);
function startTyping(textParam, delayParam, destinationParam){

Add below line of code to where you want to display the effect in your HTML:


Place below line of code before the end of your </body> tag

startTyping(text, 50, "textDestination");

You can download this html demo below to see how it works.

This works for me. Please if you have any challenges with it never hestitate to contact me.


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