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Quote: How long it takes to master a skill

The student asks the master how long it takes most students to master their system. The master replies, "15 years". The student is shocked, then asks "how long would it take me if I work twice as hard”? The master replies, "30 years"! The student protests, "but what if I practice 3 times longer and harder than all the other students, then how long will it take me"? The master smiles and answers, "then it will take you 45 years".

The moral of this story should be obvious. It illustrates that to learn a valuable skill, one has to be willing to practice for however long it takes to gain that skill. By trying to shorten that time, either by practicing harder or more often doesn't always mean you will learn it faster. The obsession with being first, or getting to a certain skill level quickly, most often negates the attainment of the very skill desired.

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