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QuickTeller integration for OpenCart in 3 quick Steps

I had a very busy week and I have managed to put together some interesting post. Besides, I became a father few days ago. My wife gave birth to our handsome son. It was such a great experience :-).

However, for sometimes now I have been working on a project that requires integrating Interswitch QuickTeller into Open cart and I decided to post the finished job to put smiile on someone's face.

Follow the following easy steps and get it done fast and quick so you can face other businesses.

Step 1.

Download below module and extract it into their various folders as indicated in the folder structure.

FilenameFilesizeDate (0 downloads) 15.73 kB 2014-05-22

There are generally 6-8 files that need to be copied for each module, the structure is as follows:

1. admin/controller/payment/quickteller.php
2. admin/language/english/payment/quickteller.php
3. admin/view/template/payment/quickteller.tpl
4. catalog/controller/payment/quickteller.php
5. catalog/controller/response/response.php
6. catalog/language/english/payment/quickteller.php
7. catalog/model/payment/quickteller.php
8. catalog/view/theme/default/template/payment/quickteller.tpl

Step 2.

1. Open the file catalog/view/theme/default/template/payment/quickteller.tpl and got to line 17 and change the "paymentCode" as given by Interswitch. Set the payment gateway to either using DEMO or LIVE instance on line 27. If you set the test mode variable to true, you will be using the sandbox or DEMO instance and vice versa.

2.  Open catalog/controller/response/response.php and change line 12 with the secret key given by Interswitch, change the "clientid" on line 22 to the domain you are testing from (guess you sumitted same for configuration), go to line 94 and 116 to change the sender email you would be sending with(I am sorry I wasn't so chanced to use the admin configured email, I will do that in an updated version of the module) and lastly, go to line 115 and set the email you want to have the notification of sales sent to.

Step 3.

Go into your admin area and enable the payment option. 

If you want to read more on how to customise it more you can dedicate some few minutes reading this post


You are good to go.


Update (August 8, 2015)

You can now purchase this plugin from my store. You won't need to go through the stress of editing or manually uploading each file. There is already an installer that would do that for you. You set up your merchant details from the administrator's panel and that is all. Check out the plugins here OpenCart 1.5.x and OpenCart 2.x.x.

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