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Project 2512 – A gift to a special follower of my blog on my birthday...

I want to celebrate my birthday in a special way this year. So while people are wishing me “Happy New Year”, I want to be so busy putting smile on someone's face.

I have met different people with great ideas and concepts for the web. These people have fantastic ideas that they believe would take them to their promise land but they can't afford the cost of a developer. To be candid, CPUs are cheap but Developers are not.

In a bid to make my birthday memorable this year, I want to develop someone's idea for free. Yeah, you heard me right...just one person. If you have any idea that you want to be deployed on the web, you can click here to do so in 15 secs. I only require a very high level description of the project. Please, leave out any information that you are not willing to disclose. After going through all the entries, the special project selected for this year would be announced on my birthday (December 25, 2014).

The criteria for selecting the special project for this year are stated below:
- The project has to be unique and interesting
- It has to be web based
- It has to be realistic, not just a fantasy.
- It must not involve gambling, pornography or violence.
- You must be on my friends list, click here to do so if you are not there already.
- It may not necessarily be lucrative; it can be used to help the humanity.

Entry closes December 19, 2014 and the lucky entry would be announced on my birthday :-).

I have decided to make 2015 an unforgettable year for someone. You could be the special person. Tell someone else about this, you may just be helping to make the person the next big shot.

I love you all.

I would only help to develop your idea and deploy it on the web. I won't be responsible for purchasing a host and domain name for you. Also, if the process of developing your application involves purchasing any form of access of APIs, you would have to pay directly to the service providers. The selection process will be rational, objective and fair.

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