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Pay4Me Payment Integration for Prestashop Cart

Pay4Me payment platform is gradually gaining momentum in Nigeria. Many clients are approaching me for integration these days, I have a client that asked for an integration for her Prestashop shop cart which I offered this quick implementation. Anyway this is not the best implemention though. I did this in a rush but feel someone out there may like to use it for a quick integration. I downloaded Prestashop for the integration.

Follow the following steps for a successful integration:

Step 1.

Download the module from the link Below.


Step 2.

Extract the folder into your modules folder <root>/modules/pay4me or use Prestashop modules uploader.

Step 3.

Install the module.

Step 4.

Configure your Merchant ID, Merchant Code and Merchant Key.


Have fun. This is my first blog post. Hehehehe. :-)

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