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My Appreciation

Looking back, I so much appreciate everyone that God has brought my way in my journey to programming. This year is my 15th year of coding; I would like to call out everyone who has been instrumental to my greatness. I appreciate you guys.

Big thanks to Bolaji for introducing me to the internet in year 2000 and Anicetus for introducing me to GWBasic same year. Ani, can you remember the company I wanted us to start together? The Global Concept. It still amazes me how we never got it through.

Ajiroba thanks for the few times you allowed me to use your computer in those days. I truly need to let you know that those few hours really went a long way in making me what I am today. The days might seem few but I can tell you I still have the paper in my Dad's suitcase that I wrote all I learnt while working on your PC. Thanks for tolerating me.

I picked up Vbasic and C language in year 2 in the University and God used Shade to help me with a desktop computer for practice because I could not afford one. Shade, I remember those days I would have to come to your house from almost 9a.m. and would leave about 9p.m. I will forever be thankful to your parents for taking me as part of the family. I chuckle remembering how I always called you to come and see me off to the gate because of those dogs. Thanks for tolerating me ma, God bless you.

Wunmi, I can never forget you in this short piece, for all those times you gave me your laptop to take home for continuous practice on programming. Did I tell you that my first version of ThinkGP (desktop version) was developed on that magical machine of yours? In fact, it was the version that won the most innovative entry in the Microsoft Incorporated Imagine Cup Nigeria award in year 2007. Thanks so much, I appreciate you ma. I am waiting for the time to personally tell your son how kind hearted you are.

Thanks so much Bro. Ponle, you forced me out of my comfort zone and you made me study PHP in 20days. You watched me move from level zero to being a professional. I must confess, those books you gave me are still with me till date, I can quote almost all the pages off-hand. I respect you. You are the greatest and the most creative programmer I have ever met. I still look through some of your codes, even till date...Lol. Up school!

The Rotimis (Banji, Shade and Yinka), my appreciation is incomplete without mentioning you, you guys rock. I confided in you that our department does not go on internship and I would need a place to learn and grow, then you paved way for me to see Mr. Seyi. Can you still remember all those good old days that I would sleep in your house to use your PC? Thanks so much, also help me thank Mum and Dad, they are wonderful people.

Mr. Seyi Lucas, thanks for the opportunity to have me intern with you. I am not sure you have ever heard this from me, the project (Naija Guru) that you gave me was my first time ever writing a game and I did not sleep all through the period we were developing it. All those things you heard me say were things I read and noted a night before our meetings.

Mr. Olatunbosun Oladapo, thank you sir. You gave me the opportunity; the first time ever in my life to be interviewed on a radio programme. You made me your guest after I developed your first website for you. I know I have wronged you in so many ways in those days but I wish I can correct my wrongs now. You are instrumental to how I met Chief Otayemi and how I got my first PC. Thanks so much sir.

Chief Otayemi, thank you daddy. You are more than just a client to me, you gave me my first ever website project of about 100k in 2003 or 2004 (I can’t really get the exact year). I am not sure if you noticed that I did not have a PC during the period of the project, I would always sleep at Manix' place to make sure I meet up with the deadline. I am indebted to you for everything you have been to me. I can never forget all the advice that you gave me...they still help me till date. Please, I have instructed Tunde to ensure your new website is complete. We are both working on it. Thanks so much Sir.

Bro Oladele, I need to drag you into this, I remember how you had to follow me to Ogun state to see Chief Otayemi because I thought he may feel I was too young to handle the cost of the project? Thanks so much for following me, you made him see us as professional, though I am not sure if he knew I would be the technical person sha. I still tell my wife about how I wore suit to Ogun state for that deal. You rock sir.

Biyi, my personal brother from another mister and my partner in crime. Life has brought us together for some funny reasons. I still ask myself why and how we are this close when we don't even agree on so many things but I realise that it is truly who we are. Please don't forget all the lessons we learnt when running our startup. Remember...don't tell my wife if you don't want me to also tell your wife. Lol

Sister Folake (Folake show me love o...#inTeknosVoice), I seriously don't know how to thank you. I need some special way to really thank you. You believed in me even when you shouldn't have. I remember when I had to call to tell you about a business (Bulk SMS) I wanted to venture into in 2006. You supported me with 50k and that was all. You never looked back, you never asked, you never worried. I need to let you know that the money you gave me then is what sustains my Think First SMS platform till date and your money has multiplied so much now. I will remit it to your account in due time. Secondly, the International Passport that you processed for me in Kano is what I used for my first traveling ever out of the shores of Nigeria.

Mr. Lanre, I appreciate you so much. You picked so much interest in me and you were so much committed to help me even when you knew I was a rookie. I can remember how you threw Stationery Source project at me; not even knowing if I would know how to go about it. I knew it was a real client's project, chai! Funny enough, I wasn't much afraid because Mr. Lucas did the same and I came out in flying colours. Did I tell you I got to know about WSYA from the magazine I picked on your table when you were still the IT Director in Pay4Me? That piece of information got the award that year (2011) in Austria. I have always wished to have enough time to dedicate a whole blog post for you about your role in my programming journey.

Kolade my bestie. We fight like “kilode”. Even, right now we are still fighting. This is the best brother life can give anyone. He is my best supporter and fan from day one. Chai, we can so argue. I seriously don't know what we don't argue on, one day I asked myself, “must you always choose a contrary opinion”. Kolade has always been helping me since 1902...I cannot forget the day I told you I wanted to drop coding, maybe I should face my Mathematics. Do you remember what you told me that day? You said...”keep at it, there is no crown without cross”. I need to personally tell you that that clause still keeps me going till date. Everything we discussed that day is still fresh in my memory and they are still my motivation.

Bro Segun, the brilliant bro. I appreciate all the encouragements from you sir. I am not sure if I have told you that, you and my Dad made me continue Bet-Naija even after that funny dude ran me bankrupt. You have been my succor whenever I grieve. I cannot forget in a rush all your advice those days while I was depressed. Can you remember how they stole our generator twice in Kusa and even your PC? When I remember those days I thank God for your life.

Omojesu, the only Omojesu, I have to mention your name for all your encouragements when I was running my startup. It seemed as if the world would end then. You did all your best to make me happy. You helped me to talk to your sister to lend me money whenever the tides were too high for me. Lol...I would go back to her almost immediately after paying for the previous loan. I really thank God she tolerated me. If not for you and her, I might not have run the startup for 4 years.

Adekunle, my silent fan. I met you while working at Pay4Me and we have ever been reaching out to each other. I need to give you a special thank you. You are more than a brother, all the deals I got through you in the early days of my startup really kept my staff focused. God will bless you. I appreciate you so much bro.

To my Dad and Mum, I thank you so much. I pray God will spare your lives so I can continue to say thank you till God would love you to join His angels. You have been of immense support. Dad, can you remember when I told you I would be shutting down Bet-Naija because one random dude ran me bankrupt? I am not sure you still remember. You told me about the story of “Oyinbo Kora”, that in those days when people won big in pool, you would see the Oyinbos crying but their tears don’t last long; within a short time they would laugh and party because they have also won big. Then you said, “Master your act”. Those 3 words changed the whole game for me. Daddy, I have made so much money because I mastered how to exploit people's greed. I feel the urge to write a book on this if I have the time. I love how you constantly call me home to review my work and business. I need to let you know that I learnt so much from you and your failed business. I have promised to do a lot better in those areas you failed. Dad, Lase (my son) now behaves a lot like us, he is very artistic. I will teach him how to draw and would never stop him from drawing like the way you tried stopping me. Mum, thanks for your prayers, we are the closest but we rarely discuss business because you are too emotional but you have always been there for my relationships. I can remember the role you played when I was depressed because my JAMB score wasn't up to the required cutoff mark. Chai, all you did then made me to know the stuff you are made of. God will keep and protect you and Dad for me.

Thanks so much Sister Funmi (the Igi Iwe) and Bro Lasu for all your encouragements. I pray I can repay you for all but I doubt if I can.

Lastly, thanks to the best Wife in the world. May God bless you for the support you have been giving me since you came into my life. I know how very disturbing I could be at help me prepare coffee at odd hours and you understand how much my work means to me. You have been through thick and thin and you have been at the receiving end of everything. I appreciate you. God strengthens you.

I wish I can call out everybody I have met during my 15 years journey to programming in this piece but I can't. Please don't feel offended if I have not mentioned your name. I have to do this in hurry; I am planning to have a more comprehensive write-up that would capture your name. God bless you all for being part of my success story.

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