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Learn how to solve Rubik's Cube in Pidgin English

Apart from seeing Will Smith solve Rubik's cube in the movie, "In pursuit of Happiness", I have always wished I own one. I recently visited Biyi and I saw the unsolved cube in his house. It struck my eyes and I couldn't just let go. After playing with it for long hours, I realised I needed a more relaxed environment to solve it.

After some weeks, I got mine. I had to take the photograph of the initial stage (the solved one) because that might be my last time to see the default setting. At first, I thought the solution guide that came with the cube would really help reset the cube with no stress; so I tried following the steps but couldn't make any meaning out of it.

Later, I tried searching the internet for solution and I saw so many videos with hidden details that may leave you high and dry while resetting your cube. After watching so many videos and trying to make sense out of the whole tutorials, I solved my cube. I was so elated that I had to have it stay as my BBM displayed picture for weeks. Then I got people calling to be sure I am the person who solved it. I told them I have been solving it since 1901 #winks.

I take my cube everywhere; almost everybody that sees me with it is amazed to see me reset the cube. Then, I decided to put together a video based on my experience to guide people on how to solve the Rubik's cube. Please don't make jest of me, this is my first video ever. I wish you enjoy it.

My Yuletide gift to family and friends this season would be Rubik's Cube. I want to build the next World Fastest Rubik's Cube champion in Nigeria (we have some dude solve it for 5 secs; I am serious!). Below is my video. I made it in Pidgin English. Solutions in English language is everywhere on the internet. If you need to check one of the popular videos in English, you can click on this link:

If you are interested in getting this cube for yourself or for someone, you can buy on Konga. 

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on my first video. Is it helpful? Let me have your views.

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