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iOnePay Payment Gateway Integration for Prestashop Cart

It seems Prestashop cart is becoming the prefered cart (maybe in Nigeria) because the rate at which people are deploying it is amazing. The few integrations I have been doing recently had been dominated by Prestashop cart. There must be something about this cart that people are falling in love with. After few minutes of reviewing iOnePay's documentation here is the iOnePay integration for prestashop. I used Prestashop for this integration.

Follow the following steps for a successful integration:

Step 1.

Download the module below

ionepay.tar.gz (0 downloads) 25.81 kB 2014-07-28

Step 2.

Extract the folder into your modules folder <root>/modules/ionepay

Step 3.

Open the validation file <root>/modules/ionepay/controllers/front/validation.php, on line 43 to 47 change to the details give by the gateway as follows.

$currency = "NGG"; //or USD
$service_code = "service-code";
$merchant_code = "merchant-code";
$merchant_key = "merchant-key";
$merchant_name = "merchant-name";

Step 4.

Go into your admin area and enable your payment module.

Step 6.

Your payment response link should be or if you have clean URL turned on. You may decide to change this by changing the name of your class "UbaResponseModuleFrontController" to anything you desire but make sure it starts with a capital letter. Then rename the file(response.php) to same name. That is, if you want your reposnse URL to be accessed at, you would rename the file to ourcustom.php and the class name contained in the file to Ourcustom.


Have fun!

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