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How to get your Pascal Code to work on MacOX

A friend wanted me to help with some assignments on Pascal and it really got funny how I couldn't easily install the compiler on MacOx so I decided to put up some blog post for someone who would also like to do same.

You would need Xcode to be installed before FPC is installed. Visit Free Pascal ( and download the installation file. Double click on the .dmg and follow the prompt to install.  It will be installed in /usr/local/bin.

The compiler is called "fpc". Type "fpc" on the terminal and you get a screen like this, then you know your installation was fine.

I wrote a program to calculate the CGPA (Cummulative Grade Point Average) of Students in Pascal. You can find it below for a head start.

	Program CGPA_Calculator;
    units, semesters, i, numerator : integer;
    denominator, cgpa, gpa : real;

    denominator := 0;
    numerator := 0;
    writeln('Welcome to Pascal CGPA Calculator!');
    writeln('How many semester are you calculating for?');
    for i := 1 to semesters do
        writeln('Enter semester ', i, ' GPA');
        writeln('Enter semester ', i, ' Unit');
        denominator :=  denominator + (gpa * units);
        numerator := numerator + units;
    cgpa := denominator / numerator;
    writeln('Your CGPA is ', cgpa:5);

This is just a sample code I decided to play around with. Hope it is helpful.

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