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How to access unprotected Camera using Google

I have basically been receiving training from professional hackers. I want to add ethical hacking to my basic programming knowledge because it is fun and looks more like the inverse of what I do. I am paid to develop secured system and you have these bunch of guys sit somewhere and look for vulnerability to exploit. Yes I have to join a class in hacking so as to know how hackers think...

I would like to also show you what really blew my mind: How to access unprotected Camera using Google. Yes, you heard me right! I am sure you would think Google is only for information mining; if you think so then you are under utilising Google. Yes, I mean it. To be frank, you are using 0.1% of what Google is capable of doing. Anyway, let's face business and let me wow you a bit.

Go right away to your Google page and let's do some magic :-). We can assess live cameras using Google Dorks.

Remember, cameras are present at beaches, hostels, hotels etc.

Type this “inurl:view/index.shtml” in Google search box and hit enter.

Pick any of the links that you see and have fun watching live events as they are happening. Many of these Cameras would not ask for password so you can enjoy yourself. Some views might be dark because you may be viewing at night.

Knowledge is so powerful. What is seen on the Internet now is different from what I had been seeing. Now, I can see programming from a different perspective. If you are a developer reading this, I would also advise you to get some of this training, I bet, you would find it very useful someday.


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