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How I Hacked EcoBank Online Banking Scam Database

Imagine! These Yahoo-Yahoo boys no dey fear at all. I promised myself that any day that I get email from these scammers I will expose them; here is my first one. I received a direct mail in my Yahoo mailbox asking me to reset my EcoBank account. Immediately I got the mail, I laughed. I have never had an EcoBank account (not because I do not like Ecobank), besides that, the content of the mail made me to realise that the guys never knew who they were toiling with.

Anyway, I tried some few tricks on their half baked application and here are the few things that I was able to get. 

1. From the mail I got, here is the URL ( that links to the reset page:


2. I clicked on the link and here is where I landed:


3. Then, when I right-clicked on the page for the source, I was able to get the link that the scammers are sending the form to. It is amazing that the form is being sent to a free host server.


4. Tracing the folder architecture is hilarious. See below:


5. Find below the content of the log.txt file. Guess what... this is where all the information collected from victims are stored:

6. Finally, I went further into the folders; now in eko where I was redirected and I found another log file there. What we have below is the content. It is funny that some people have started adding data into the file. I entered dummy information into the file so as to be sure I got the right file and it was added.


LOL. What a cyber adventure!

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