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Downgrading your Phalcon framework to a lower version - MacOX

Phalcon just moved to version 2.0 and getting information on how to downgrade your version of Phalcon on Mac is not easy to come by. I did this for a colleague and would like to share the steps to do this with anyone having this same challenge.

Downgrading your Phalcon version implies you would probably be building your Phalcon yourself. Follow the following steps below:

1. Grab the release you want to downgrade to from here

2. Download any of the sources (either .zip or .tar.gz)

3. Extract, navigate into cphalcon-phalcon-vx.x.x/build and run ./install from your terminal

4. If you get the error "fatal error: 'main/php.h' file not found" when creating extension from C source" click here to resolve it.

5. Change the path to your extention in php.ini. After installing this build you would see the path of your new file. It would be residing in the release folder. (If you need to know where your php.ini file is run php --ini from the terminal)

6. Restart your webserver.

7. Check your php info to confirm you have fully downgraded your Phalcon version.

Hope this makes someone happy.

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