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Clearing Postfix Mail Queue in Ubuntu

I installed postfix on my Ubuntu box so as to test my developmental emails. This ran me into a slight problem few days ago. I developed one application that notifys the administrator of the application on number of issues. Whenever I am offline postfix queue all the emails till I connect to the internet. Yes, I have this ISP that allows my local box to send emails to live emails. Anytime I connect to the internet all queued emails fly out.

Here is the challenge. I tried reusing this application code. While settting it up for another use I forgot to change the client's email and I have so many emails queued to be sent to this client. See what my negligence has caused me. Never, I don't want this emails to get to him so I have to clear my postfix mail queue. Below is how to get it done in one line. Open your terminal and type:


sudo postsuper -d ALL


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