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Another targeted scam mail

So, I am back and don't ask where I have been. Anyway, if you still want to ask...I have been experimenting on so many things. You will soon see the result of my experiments in a series of posts.

As I was checking my back logs of screenshots, something just caught my attention to share some concerns about how I have been a serious target of scam and I wonder why this guys are trying hard to get me. This reminds me of the saying that if you fight corruption, it fights back at you. But hey, dudes try someone else. I begggy!

Sometime in February, precisely February 4, 2016 I got an email from an acclaimed Central Bank of Nigeria threatening to suspend my ATM card. The wonderful thing about the mail was that it mentioned my name and my defunct Company's name. This threw me off balance and I wanted to look deeper into the email.

I have not gone so far before I started discovering some flaws in this attempt.

1. First, the email that sent this email is I wonder if Central Bank now uses another company's domain name to send vital information like this.

2. I don't even have any credit/debit card attached to this account in the first place. Please scammers, do not waste your time, I don't have a card attached to any of my any email sent to me concerning disabling my ATM card cannot even catch my attention. Oh maybe you see me walking to the ATM; I am probably using Biyi or Mayowa's card.

3. Lastly, I did my little experiment on their application and guess what? They have a Heritage cloned platform for collecting people's bank details too.

I just hissed and walked away.

Everybody should be careful of these over sabi guys...I have a solution to this growing email scam being sent around. I have a beta application that works already. I promise to share the solution in another post.

Oh I can't stop laughing. Watch this comedy skit on credit/debit card scam and let’s have some fun.

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