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10 Interesting Facts about Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's (GEJ) Facebook Fans Page

Recently, I got some brain waves to play around with Facebook API on some basic and in-depth analysis of how likes, shares and comments are related. These days, I don’t have so much time to do serious jobs so I would break down my analysis into 3 series; the basic analysis, sentiment analysis and the comparison analysis. I pray I would really have enough time to work on all the analysis.

I decided to choose Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's fans page as my sample data (case study) because of his controversial stand point as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is a political figure who is praised and criticized by many.

I worked with Facebook API to extract all the posted messages, comments, likes and shares count on Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's account between June 26, 2010 and January 2, 2015. Below are the data in graphical representation with line.

The graph of how shares, likes and comments count are related.

The graphical relationship between shares and likes count.

The graphical relationship between likes and comments count.

The graphical relationship of shares count.

The graph of likes count

The graph of comments count.

I have also listed some interesting facts about this data

1. Below is the post with the highest comments (22805 comments) – February 10, 2013 20:21:46.

I am overjoyed at the stunning victory of the Super Eagles which has seen Nigeria emerge as the champions of the African Cup of Nations, 2013. Well done Patriots, you have done Nigeria proud. 2013 is obviously the year of Nigeria. We have emerged as a beacon of hope on the African continent by proving to Africa and the world that a strong Nigerian team put together and trained by a Nigerian coach can stand the test of time and successfully rise to the challenge of a most formidable opponent. The Nigerian spirit stands strong and steady as we march to the destination of greatness. I doff my fedora hat to this great squad that has brought laughter and happiness to our homes. Nigerians are grateful. We thank God. We thank you. GEJ

2. Below is the post with the highest shares (8536 shares) – June 10, 2014 22:12:04.

I wish the Super Eagles Good Luck as they leave for Brazil for the #WorldCup2014. GEJ

3. Below is the post with the highest likes (101898 likes) – June 10, 2014 22:12:04.

I wish the Super Eagles Good Luck as they leave for Brazil for the #WorldCup2014. GEJ

4. The month with the highest post is March 2011, with total of 39 posts.

5. Months with the least post are July 2012, November 2012 and July 2013. All with a post.

6. The day with highest post is Monday, with total of 80 posts.

7. The day with the least post is Sunday with total of 41 posts.

8. The first post was on June 28, 2010.

9. The shortest post is with 15 characters, posted on November 11, 2014 18:36:03. #ForwardNigeria

10. The longest post is with 31126 characters, posted on November 11, 2014 12:53:35.

Below is how the posts are spread across the days of the week















If you would also like to play around with this data you can download it in an Excelsheet. I would be glad if you could notify me when you do any analysis with this data so I can share it on my page.


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